Planned Activities

How to Volunteer

To volunteer contact Activity Director Amanda Staggs at (573)437-4101.

Pictured is one of our long time volunteers and also Walmart’s Spark Kindness Associate Challenge winners. There were only 12 winners picked in the country!  We are thankful to her for volunteering so much time to us here at Gasconade Manor Nursing Home and happy to announce our activities department received $10,000 from the Walmart Foundation.  

We thank all of our volunteers that have helped over the years. 

How to Reserve the Cobble Stone Cafe or Activity Room

Make a reservation to utilize the Cobble Stone Cafe/Den or Activity Room for your next event. Contact Gabby Bourbon for more information at 573-437-4101.

Review: "Thank you so much! What a great area to have a shower." - D.C. 

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Pumpkin Patch 2016
Pumpkin Patch 2016
Pumpkin Patch 2016
Pumpkin Patch 2016

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