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Planned Activities

Life shouldn’t stop when you retire. The beauty of living in a senior living community is the abundance of activities available to you — participate as much or as little as you choose. You’re bound to meet other residents with common interests as you explore new hobbies and revisit old hobbies.  Love dancing? Great! Let’s boogie to your favorite tune. Love to get outdoors? Let's get out for picnics in the courtyard on those sunny days. Is baking your favorite pastime? Join us in Cooks Corner every Tuesday as we bake and cook up a tasty treat.  Enjoy a good Cardinals baseball game or a trip to the casino?  We plan trips regularly to various places in mid Missouri.  Our dream is to help you have fun and enjoy each and every moment, all while being here along the way. 

Contact our activity director Amanda Staggs for a full monthly calendar of planned activities.

How to Volunteer: 

Contact Activity Director Amanda Staggs at (573) 437-4101. 

Pictures is one of our long time volunteers and also Walmart's Spark Kindness Associate Challenge winners.  There were only 12 winners picked in the country!  We are thankful to her for volunteering so much time to us here at Gasconade Manor and happy to announce our activities department received $10,000 from the Walmart Foundation. 

We thank all of our volunteers that have helped over the years. 

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